Otherworldly | Las Vegas Fine Art Photographer

Imagine, if you will, just how far this piece has traveled to reach you. Light from the sun, traveling at the speed of light, took eight minutes to travel from a burning ball of gas, into this unassuming cave on one of its planets. It then bounced off the walls, onto the subject, towards the camera, through the lens and onto a digital sensor which converted that light energy into a electric pulses to and registered the information onto a digital memory cartridge. This cartridge was placed into a card reader where the magnetic energy stored on the card was converted back to electric impulses traveling through billions of binary switches and into a computer screen where the original light of the sun was converted back into light so that your eyes could capture the light, just like the camera lens did. This light once again passes through a lens in your eyeball, lands on receptors and gets transmitted into usable information for your brain to enjoy and respond with, “Oh, that’s pretty.”

A process even more complicated than that is involved in the process of printing this image onto paper. For only $9,999, our Las Vegas fine art photographer will explain that process and present you with a permanent reproduction of the image you see here.