Vancouver 2018 - Las Vegas Travel Photographer

Our travels through the San Fran of Canada where every meal is a gastro magnus opus and the most beautiful forests these desert dwellers have ever seen.

Rock Climbing Is Fun for the Whole Family | Las Vegas Adventure Photography

Contrary to popular belief, rock climbing is totally safe and not at all scary (if you aren’t afraid of heights). Even if you are afraid of heights, it’s a great way to work up a heavy dose of adrenaline and face your fears with all your whimpering pansy courage. No seriously, it’s a fun hang with friends (literally), a great way to spend the day outdoors, oh and it’s dog friendly! So pack some snacks, call your friends, enjoy the good vibes and capture the moments with Las Vegas adventure photography today!


Petrina Olson | Las Vegas Portrait Photography

Petrina’s background in dance and performance makes her a natural in front of the camera. It also makes her a powerful asset when working with our clients because she helps them feel comfortable and knows how to pose them for the camera. Our photos may look great, but her beyond-the-scenes work as art director during shoots ensure that our clients look and feel great too.

Otherworldly | Las Vegas Fine Art Photographer

Imagine, if you will, just how far this piece has traveled to reach you. Light from the sun, traveling at the speed of light, took eight minutes to travel from a burning ball of gas, into this unassuming cave on one of its planets. It then bounced off the walls, onto the subject, towards the camera, through the lens and onto a digital sensor which converted that light energy into a electric pulses to and registered the information onto a digital memory cartridge. This cartridge was placed into a card reader where the magnetic energy stored on the card was converted back to electric impulses traveling through billions of binary switches and into a computer screen where the original light of the sun was converted back into light so that your eyes could capture the light, just like the camera lens did. This light once again passes through a lens in your eyeball, lands on receptors and gets transmitted into usable information for your brain to enjoy and respond with, “Oh, that’s pretty.”

A process even more complicated than that is involved in the process of printing this image onto paper. For only $9,999, our Las Vegas fine art photographer will explain that process and present you with a permanent reproduction of the image you see here.

Birth of Beauty by Petrina | Las Vegas Birth Photography

Real stories of birth and the life that follows.
I am awe-struck by the beauty and intense power that is unique to women in their ability to grow life and bring it forth.
I am humbled  to witness the moment a family sees their new baby for the first time. To see them take their first breaths, cry their first cry, and settle  sweetly on their mother's chest. You can never get those moments back, a once in a lifetime event with no opportunity for retakes.
The journey into parenthood is incredibly profound, whether for the first time, or the fifth. Every birth story is so beautiful and unique. I approach birth photography as authentically as possible, embracing the primal nature of the mother and every aspect of the process. Of course I love to capture the elation of a mother holding her child for the first time, but it's the other moments that pull me in the most. The tender, quiet connection  of mother and father. The exhaustion. The tension of transition. The emotional vulnerability of the moment she says she can't do this... and the intimidating and awe-inspiring power of a woman when she does. Birth is more than just joyful—it's inexplicably hard and messy, and it's  all of worthy of remembering. You should birth on your own terms, and I will document that as honestly as possible.
I am deeply honored and grateful to my dear friend pictured here, who  trusted me to to be present to capture her beautiful birth story. 
I would be honored to do so for you as well.  Please contact me for inquiries

Ayo Olanipekun | Las Vegas Portrait Photographer

Working with the real Nigerian prince of pop, Reign Ayo, is as fun as listening to his music. It helps that’s he’s unique, talented and charismatic. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do! And do visit his website to hear his unique blend of traditional Nigerian music and modern pop. We promise he sounds as good as he looks!

Abstract is Back! | Las Vegas Fine Art Photography

Most of our prints can be had for less than $1000, but, when it comes to abstract art, most art dealers charge five- to seven-figures. That’s why, at only $8500, this particular piece is a real deal priced especially for the discerning value buyer. We did the math, so you can enjoy the art instead of thinking about it! Every purchase of Las Vegas fine art photography from Zen Ritual includes a piece of history and an excellent long-term investment.


Crossfit Mountain's Edge | Las Vegas Crossfit Photographer

Crossfit is the infamous love-it-or-hate-it sport of working out. Petrina loves it, and Allen….well, he loved taking these photos! Everyone can agree that whether you’re working out or just working, you’re gonna have a great time visiting Crossfit Mountain’s Edge. And if you’re a gym owner yourself, you’re definitely gonna agree that good marketing is a great way to boost business. Start with a Las Vegas Crossfit photographer for best results, and “raise the bar” today!


Website Overview Video | Las Vegas Corporate Videos


Your business needs to communicate with your target audience—whether it's through advertising, expressing company values, raising awareness of products or services or simply to establish assert your presence among your competitors. This communication is key to how others perceive you. Communication now happens faster then ever. The right message can reach millions instantly, but so can the wrong one—that's why it's critical to get it right from the beginning. 

Why Video?

Video is the simplest (for you!) and most effective way of engaging your audience.  The combination of imagery and audio means that interesting information can be conveyed quickly. In addition to promoting your business, videos can show your audience that you are keeping up with them and what they are interested in most: content.

Content is King

Producing interesting, high-quality content (through any medium) requires skill, training and experience. That expertise is ultimately what you are paying for with ANY business. Zen Ritual Creative Services has the expertise you are looking for. We will work with you to understand your goals and get to work with our knowledge, experience and industry-standard production equipment to create something you will be proud to show off to your audience. We can create any kind of video from interviews, recruitment collateral, explainer material or a good ol' fashioned product advertisement.

The Golden Veil | Las Vegas Fine Art Photography

Distinctly feminine, positively evocative, unabashedly beautiful…this piece truly encompasses an endless combination of adverbs and adjectives as it unceasingly begs for understanding while offering none. It does, luckily, however, offer itself to the discriminating aficionado or the unlearned appreciator of art who knows enough to know beauty. This is absolutely the pinnacle of art-for-arts-sake and the pinnacle of any collection. Price upon request


Ascent from the Sea | Las Vegas Fine Art Photographer

Not since Botticelli’s Nascita di Venere has a work of art so clearly expressed the divine beauty of a goddess emerging into the world of flesh. Post-Classical and pre-legendary, this photograph is uniquely modern in its medium: as appropriate in the collector’s home as the Primavera is in the Uffizi. Buy one today and own a piece of priceless art history in the making. Inquire within about the Deluxe edition which includes artist commentary and analysis. Unique Las Vegas Photography


Like Tahoe | Zen Photography

This photograph is so great, it’s like being in Tahoe, except from the comfort of your living room. Sure previews are nice, but imagine hanging this glossy picture where your boring TV used to be. Inquire within about purchasing your very own life-size image of one of the world’s greatest lakes. Zen Photography

tahoe+lakescape (1).jpg

Beyond the Scenes with Jennifer Bellor | Las Vegas Music Videographer

Jennifer is one of our regular clients. We've done many projects with her now and each one seems to be better than the last as we continue collaborating more with each other. Check out these behind the scenes photos from our latest Las Vegas music video session with Jennifer Bellor. And CLICK HERE to see the full video!