Explainer Videos | Las Vegas Corporate Videographer

An explainer video is an animated video explaining your business concept in an interesting way by using concise verbiage and appealing visuals to capture the viewer's attention. Videos like this are intended to convey information and educate viewers on company offerings and why that company is the best option for the viewer's needs.

Main Characteristics

Explainer videos answer the questions of what, how, why, when and where a company does what they do. These videos are usually focused on a "target audience" and their needs. Our explainer videos are of high quality to get results and stand out among your competitors. They can be customized to use your brand's colors and reinforce brand recognition with your viewers. We also use appropriate music to hold interest and professional voice over actors to convey your message in a voice that matches your brand.

Check out the video below or visit our Las Vegas corporate videographer page to see more examples!