Allen Muresan | Las Vegas Headshot Photography

I first discovered photography at the tail-end of high school on a Canon film camera. I would just walk around downtown taking pictures of street people and signs or stay home taking pictures of my dog and leaves in the backyard.

I took a break from photography after taking a class on it in my first year of college. Realizing how time-consuming the process of developing and printing really turned me off. I liked photography, but not enough to spend all my money on chemicals, paper and film and all my time in a dark room.

Fast forward a number of years later when I borrowed my dad's old (even then) Canon digital camera to have my girlfriend take a few pictures (top-right) of me for my music website (Allen Michael Music). 

After we'd gotten a few nice pictures of me, it was time to return the favor by taking some photos of her, which you can see at Zen Ritual | Headshot Photography. And that's how my passion for photography was reignited!—except now, I spend all my money on lenses and other equipment and spend all my time in Lightroom and Photoshop—and I'm OK with it!