The Golden Vessel | Las Vegas Creative Videographer

This was the first video Allen ever made! It combines his guitar playing, poetry and videography and was completed as part of a final project in one of his college courses. The piece being played was composed by Mexican guitar composer, Manuel Ponce. Here is the full text of Allen's poem:

The Golden Vessel

Out of the darkness, sparked a flame that grew, consuming all things. It was unstoppable. Then water came, a slow, gentle patter that turned into a storm. It too destroyed all things and was unstoppable. When these magnificent forces met, there was a flash, a terrible noise like shrieking, shrill, grinding metal on stone. Then, a great gust forced through unseen. All was quiet. Through the clearing of clouds, shone the Golden Vessel—smelted from the ore of the earth, cooled by the torrents, forged by the hammering winds—so bright and glorious, it gave the sun its light.

Let it be our task and proud labor to fill this vessel slowly from the wellspring of our Spirit. Let us keep filling until it overflows into streams and rivers, forming in all directions, waterfalls, lakes, oceans. Let these waters give life to fish, insects, birds and beasts, and on until naked man awakens. Let him drink and drink again until he brings forth his kin. Let them drink together, giving thanks with each man’s eyes drawn upwards and every heart spilled open to bring forth the riches of his Golden Vessel.